Andreas Ahrens - Head of Getting Shit Done

Andreas Ahrens started coding BASIC on a ZX81 in 1985 and never stopped coding. Andreas had two dreams from a very early age: work in technology and running his own company. Preferably both at the same time. Growing up with the grey eminence of rapid growth consultancy as a father, there really never was any other way. Internet made an early appearance in 1995 and Andreas was hooked for life. Building static web pages and ranking them highly on Altavista before Google was an idea in the back of Larry Page’s mind, coding was everything in the mid teens. This led him to start his first business at age 20, a web hosting company, before most Swedes knew what it was. He spent around one year building up the business and eventually sold it.

After a couple of years in sales and customer support, Andreas studied economics at Lund University for two years until he realized he much rather wanted to turn his knowledge into practical experiences. After 1.5 years in the Philippines, Andreas Ahrens turned to system administration, security and deployment automation at Solid where he spent 3 years refining his technical skill.

Andreas Ahrens

Andreas Ahrens at Prosocyal

Andreas then co-founded Prosocyal, a social media tool, where he was CEO and head of product development. He worked closely with the developers to produce tech that met the demands of the customers. The platform was built on .NET with heavy API reliance, piping in hundreds of thousands of social media mentions from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. During this time, he hired many developers from around the world and further broadened his technical knowledge. The development project involved 18 000 hours over 1,5 years.

Ahrens University

After Prosocyal, Andreas joined his father at Ahrens University as Program Manager, in order to learn even more about rapid growth companies. He did a complete overhaul of a program concept that had  been the same for over 10 years and managed to increase the customer satisfaction by 25% in one year. Andreas also did project management for the new Ahrens University home page.

Starting Devv

Wanting to get back to technology again, Andreas decided to start Devv together with Kris. It started off as a consulting business with IT projects, but after a couple of months turned to recruiting instead. Andreas took the recruiting lead, being able to leverage his deep technical experience as well as his leadership skills. Having experience with recruiting internationally in Prosocyal, it was a natural choice to recruit worldwide.

Personal life

Andreas lives in the south of Sweden, just outside Helsingborg, with his wife and two children. He’s a lifelong gamer and love FPS and RPG games on his PS4 and iMac (No PC Master Race here!). Andreas spends his vacations mostly in the south of France or in the Philippines.

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