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We come across a lot of openings for Freshmen/Junior developers when working in Europe. This is our way of sharing these opportunities and helping you get an entry in to some of the best ranked european companies.
Still, you got to know your code really good.
Listen, there is an entire world of openings. Get them!


Already in the game? Looking for something fresh, an adventure to further explore your skill set? Welcome.


Walked every road known to man? Fixed every bug? Join in, we will find you something that will confuse you all over again.


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We have our own touring MeetUp group. Join in to see where we are next, for sharing and gaining knowledge.

meetup swedbank

Swedbank and Devv arranges one of the most interesting kick starts for 2016.
If you are a QA, Performance Engineer, Test Automater or Security you will love to join our open session Q&A with some of the most experienced profiles in the industry. Welcome!