Kris Ledel - Master Unicorn Sourcerer

Bought his first computer in 1994, after a summer’s hard work. Compaq Presario 425 and rapidly took on Qbasic. Just to find out that Compaq issued the 433 the month after it arrived. This made up Kris’s mind about two things, learn something everyday and never end second in the game, ever.

Kris went on to a promising career within ice hockey but chose technology first. At 20, started his first venture, that included development, manufacturing and distribution of MP4-players from China. Developed various system for the family business at the same time learning the sales process of IT and IT-related services during three employments.
All employments lead to promotion into management positions, by high results and technology improvement.

Started his third venture in 2012, again highly technology focused, a cross mobile platform.
Kris has worked many years with refining the sales processes and sales within technology, often mentoring 2-5 young aspiring tech salesmen on yearly basis. He is also quite unknown for his speaker skills, considering the amount of speeches he has given on events and in schools about sales and fear of sales.
Kris’s passion reaches beyond just the love of the business game, he is the main sponsor for the RHSS J-70 Sail Racing team and a driving force for the team’s evolution, with a focus on the involvement of the youth section. Besides this he yearly arranges different “hands-on” charity, usually such as serving food or giving necessary utilities for people in need, both in Sweden and Lithuania.

Kris Ledel

Kris Ledel in tech ventures

Kris started early by being on boarded as an adviser in a major shipping & logistics company. His role was to sort out all the question marks about how and how not to configure into the new world of it. This evolved into a partnership after several projects was completed. During this time Kristian Ledel built and lead a team during development of a new shipping system, configured hardware, educated in both maintenance and usage of the system as well as basic computer knowledge.

Kristian Ledel was one of the pioneers in portable mp3/mp4-players, which was manufactured in China and sold b2b in Sweden. The company today functions as a starting capital investor, at the moment mainly in Devv.

Kristian co-founded Applika (as his third venture), a smart cross-mobile platform integrated with ApplikaCMS for the launch of affordable mobile web apps to small and mid-sized clients. Working as CEO, he was one of the main factors to bring the brand from a garage company to a well known Scandinavian supplier including multiple offices and a solid team of developers, supporters and salesmen. During this period Kris gained valuable knowledge regarding recruitment of high profiled developers.

Developing Visions

After exiting his previous ventures, Kristian Ledel had an idea of making a laboration of a service, that would function as a backbone to developing companies.
Kris experience from previous tech ventures, from his various positions in tech sales and in tech sales management joined forces to establishing the laboration of Developing Visions. It took the shape as an outsourcing/near-shoring/project management/consultant/recruitment laboration. In fact, Kristian organized a big scale market evaluation of the industry he loved the most, the tech scene.
Extremely data-driven the laboration during years slowly formed a venture the market needed and wanted, with simply focusing on one oncoming adventure.

Devv - Developers recruiting Developers

With all the data collected from the laboration, Devv, the outsourcing/recruitment company was formed. Together with Andreas Ahrens the venture was planned and the first steps was taken to forming an organization around it. After some while the data clearly proved us right in our expectations and Devv focused in on high quality recruitment of great developers for great clients.
Today, we work with passion, drive, innovation and of course data to change a overcrowded and slightly miss-directed industry, for the better of brilliant developers and brilliant clients. The adventure has just begun and naturally we are working on an international basis.

Personal life

Being somewhat of a vagabond, Kris big addiction is to experience new cultures and the people living in it, preferably together with his loved one.
Kristian currently alternates between living in Helsingborg, Sweden and Vilnius, Lithuania. Snowboarding, sailing and motorsport are three major interests of Kris who is rumored to occasionally sail/snowboard and work at the same time.

Years in tech

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