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That means some developers need to move for the perfect job. Sometimes within the same country, sometimes around the world. That puts a strain on both the economy and personal life. Finding a new place to live, schools for the children and getting to know new people. In order for you to focus on your new job, we help with the basics like finding a place to live and setting up contacts with likeminded people. If you need to move to another country, we usually pay the flight. Visas and work permits are applied for by us. All to give you the best start and get you up and running fast.
Relocation package

Quick Relocation – Getting up and running fast

Having all the practical arrangements done before arriving means a consultant can get to work fast. Our experience applying for work permits and managing relocation facilitates the process significantly. Having an in house lawyer and people dedicated to relocation helps us getting relocation done fast. We also have contacts with renting agencies and landlords in most large cities.

First step to relocation

The first step in the process is that we offer you a formal work offer. When you have received this we present it to a labour authority representative that confirms we have given you a fair offer in comparison to industry standards. Once the labour authority has confirmed this the Migration office can make their decision. Provided you have no previous grievances with the state, the work permit will be granted. As a proof of your right to stay in the country, a residency card is provided.

The only thing you need to do is to present yourself to an embassy for the country you have been offered to work in. They will need you to identify yourself, once that is completed we will take care of the rest until it´s time to fly over and begin your new adventure.

Flight to your new home town

We book your flights and pay for them, you don’t have to worry about the high costs of flying you and your family to your new home town. This can sometimes be a significant cost, especially if you move with a large family or have to move very far. You don’t need to save up for this, we take care of everything. We also arrange pickup at arrival and drop off at your new home. Everything to make you feel welcome!

A network of people

Getting to know a new city is much easier and more fun if you know likeminded people. That can mean other coders, but also friendship associations for people from the same country as you. For example, we have a good relationship with Slavic, the organization for Russian speaking people in south of Sweden. We help set you up with an introductory meeting in the city you relocate to, so you quickly can get to know people. We also find meetups with other coders in the same city, strengthening your network even more.

Schools for your children

Finding a good school is a challenge even in a city you know well. It’s important for your children to get a good education and live among the locals so they get a quick integration into society. If you want, we can do the research and find a school that fit your kids, the final decision is of course yours.